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Elections of Directors


Notice for Election of Directors

Notice for Election of Directors (13 kb) 

Information relating to Election of Directors


11 proxies are submitted by shareholders. Detail is attached below;

Proxies by Shareholders (12 kb) 

Profile of candidates

Detailed profile of candidates contesting the elections on April 20, 2016 along with their office address is attached below;

Profile of candidates (137 kb) 

Election of directors held in April 20, 2016, the names of the directors elected,  are as follows:

  1. Mr. Mueen Afzal
  2. Syed Javed Iqbal
  3. Mr. Graeme Amey (who resigned in June 2016 , the casual vacancy was filled in by Mr. Wael Sabra in Sept 2016).
  4. Lt. Gen. (Retd.) Ali Kuli Khan Khattak
  5. Mr. Tajamal Shah
  6. Mr. Imran Maqbool
  7. Mr. Zafar Mahmood
  8. Ms. Hae In KIM
  9. Mr. Michael Koest