Our History

Business principles

Pakistan Tobacco Company Limited (PTC) is a subsidiary of the British American Tobacco (BAT) p.l.c. The Company was incorporated in Pakistan in 1947 making it one of the first multinationals in Pakistan. Starting from a single warehouse near Karachi port, the Company is now the largest cigarette manufacturer in Pakistan. For PTC it has been a voyage in pursuit of excellence since 1947 driven by the vision to be the “First Choice for Everyone”.

By being instrumental in designing and driving state-of-the-art agricultural and industrial processes, we have managed to stay resilient through-out our Supply Chain. There has been a ceaseless effort to modernize the Company’s operations by introducing new and innovative concepts, optimal processes and cutting-edge technology. PTC’s systems and processes are considered benchmarks by other businesses and we have also been able to transfer international best practices to the local business partners in trade and distribution.

Our ground-breaking success as a local champion is because of our illustrious international experience, heritage of brands and richness of corporate values.

Our story of 73 resilient years encapsulates the key milestones we have thus far crossed, intertwined with the meaningful contribution we have made along the way in social and economic terms. Our journey continues as we endeavor to outdo ourselves in setting the highest standards of corporate excellence.